How to get to Busua

From Takoradi with a private car or taxi, it takes about 45 minutes to make it to our door.

If you are taking public transportation, take a tro-tro or sharing taxi to Agona Nkwanta and then transfer to the Busua shared taxi. You can take the 3 minute walk through town or ask to be dropped off at our gate.

Always negotiate prices before taking any taxi.


Busua is a quiet fishing village on the West Coast of Ghana.  Fishing, farming and trade provides for most of its 2,000 residents.  African Rainbow Resort is located towards the northern end of the village, just 60 meters from the water’s edge.

The sandy beach within a cove make it an ideal swimming location. It is one of the safest beaches along the west coast.  The golden sandy beach is lined with palm trees stretching 3 km.  That said, ocean conditions vary with the seasons, so always be mindful of the strength of the water.


The nearest ATM is in Agona Nkwanta, which is a 10 minute drive or in Takoradi, which a 45 minutes drive.


If you plan on driving in Ghana, you will require an International Driver’s license.


The water used on our premises is provided by an on-site well. This makes water abundant during the rainy season, but not as much during dry seasons.

Ghana experiences frequent power outages and the cost of electricity continues to rise. We have a generator to provide power during the most important times of the day.

Please be mindful of your water and power usage and turn of your air conditioner when you are out for the day.