at African Rainbow Resort


  • Read, suntan, and star gaze on the rooftop
  • Eat breakfast in the lush flower gardens
  • Play a game of pool on the regulation size billiard table
  • Just outside your room, watch weaver birds build their nests
  • Relax and enjoy the sea breeze on your private balcony
  • Go souvenir shopping at Auntie Comfort’s boutique
  • Enjoy a homemade pizza with a refreshing beverage on the patio
  • Sleep to the sounds of the ocean


  around Busua


  • Enjoy a walk on the golden sandy beach.
  • On the West end of the beach are sacred trees by the river.
  • On the East end of Busua is a lagoon.
    *It is recommended not to take valuables and to walk with someone when walking far.
  • Busua is a surfing destination. There are a few places that offer surf board rentals.
  • Tennis courts and a swimming pool may  be available at the neighbouring Busua Beach Resort


Day Trips

When taking day trips, please inform the manager of your departure for your own safety, especially when travelling alone.


Take a tour of Fort Metal Cross and see the colourful canoes of this major fishing village.


The ruins of Fort Batenstein remain in Butre. Canoe trips through the mangrove forest may be available.

Cape 3 Points

Get a 360 degree view of the coast and a tour of the lighthouse at the southern most tip of Ghana.

Escape 3 Points Ecolodge is owned by Comfort’s son, Akwasi McLaren and has great amenities. Order in advance if you plan on taking a meal there.

Book a walking tour through Ghana’s only coastal rainforest.


Nearby Tourist Locations

  • Princess Town
  • Nzuelzo Stilt Village
  • Ankasa Game Reserve
  • Axim
  • Fort Antonio
  • Takoradi
  • Cape Coast